The Benefice of Yarnton with Begbroke and Shipton-on-Cherwell

Our Purpose

Christianity and the modern world

In a world where media reports suggest declining church populations, what is our purpose?

Although we are often defined by our buildings and by Sunday morning attendance, Christianity could better be defined by two concepts:

1. Loving God, by making him part of our lives.
2. Loving our neighbour by making them part of our lives.

There are lots of wonderful people in our villages who are part of the community and give their time and energy for the good of others. Many of those are driven by simple humanity, they are compassionate people. In the videos below, Bishop Steven explains how we can also be contemplative by spending some time thinking about the relevance of God in our lives and courageous by trusting in God to guide our actions and our lives.

Please take a few minutes watching these videos, starting with Bishop Steven and others' explanation of being a more Christ-like Church. We hope that you find his words useful in explaining our purpose in our Benefice, as part of the kingdom of God.

A more Christ-like Church (4 minutes)

Being compassionate (5 minutes)  

Being contemplative (5 minutes)

Being courageous (5 minutes)

If the ideas expressed on this page raise questions in your mind, then please contact the Rector or speak to any of the people listed on our contacts page.

God of gentleness and love
Draw near to us as we draw near to you
Dwell in every heart and conversation
Fashion in us the likeness of your Son, Jesus Christ.
Help us to discern together all that you are calling us to be
And all that you are calling us to do.
Assist us, by your Spirit, to become a more contemplative,
more compassionate and more courageous Church
For the building of your kingdom and the glory of your Son.

Prayer and video material courtesy of the Oxford Diocese. Photograph copyright Joe